Nine Mile Lake

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South Dakota magazine published my photos and essay on Nine Mile Lake in its current May/June issue.

I own some land on the lake and have been photographing it for about 7 years.







Lambing Time

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The March/April issue of South Dakota Magazine published three of my photos from the ranch of our lambing time.



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Here are some images from Easter Week and a 100 year old lily that came from Sweden. This plant came with the 100 year old house i had on Lowry Hill.






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Exhibition Sign




Aberdeen gallery artists: Nick Fisher, Ben Grote, Jake Bosmoe, Jim Johnson, Vic Runnels

at Jim Johnsons exhibit INVISIBLE LANDSCAPES : Can You See Them ?

Opening night March 19 2011 – 6th Avenue Gallery – Aberdeen, South Dakota

BLUE CLOUD Invisible Scene

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The Invisible landscape at Blue Cloud                                                                                                    

I caught this scene at Blue Cloud Abby near Marvin, South Dakota.

It reflects the feelings i have after being on retreat at the Abby this last week with my Woolly Mammoth Brothers and the my Benedictine Brothers at the Abby.

A question that is asked at the retreat is ” Where am i headed ? ” Am i paying attention to what God might be telling me ?

For me this photo captures the theme that i am exploring in my art work. This theme The Wildness Within can also be described as finding ” The invisible landscape ” Within.

To me the shape of the soul is an invisible shape. It is the shape when i feel the most alive in – The Contemplation of Beauty – This contemplation connects me with an ‘ interior landscape ‘ deep within my soul, my WildnessWithin.

According to John O’Donohue the Irish poet and philosopher beloved for his book Anam Cara — Gaelic for “soul friend “

John talks of his insistence on beauty as a human calling and a defining aspect of God. John had a very Celtic, lifelong fascination with what he called ” the invisible world. ” He talks about how through the ” aesthetic event of Art ” the inner life is awaken and reminded of a hugh interior life.

Since my retreat from the city, 8 years ago, i have been looking for this invisible world, not really knowing that that’s what i was looking for. I have been calling it the WildnessWithin. I have found that it is Beauty that i have been seeking. ‘ The inner landscape of Beauty ‘ that John talks about. The visible world & the invisible world intertwining in human experience.

“ Beauty is a human calling and a defining aspect of God .”

Spirit House # 1

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More on ” The Invisable World “

My Spirit Houses are reminiscent of a common enclosure for Spirits of the Divine PresenceThese houses are a deep reflection of the superstitions of the cultures that combines beliefs of Christianity, Buddhism with the faiths of Hinduism, Animism, and other beliefs. 

My Spirit Totems that are in the center of the composition are reminiscent of native cultures totem poles. These structures are a way of arranging the energies of that ” invisible world, ” putting a face on the spirits and having a conversation with them daily or formally in ritual

Spirit houses are worship shrines and structures that are plentifully located all around cities and the countryside in Asian cultures. They believe in things like land gods, ghosts, local spirits, and legendary water snakes and their influence to bring luck and blessings on the people in their daily lives.

Spirit houses are also supposed to house the Lord Spirits of the Land.


Example of a Spirit House in Thailand

In Christian mythology the Tabernacles, a similar worship shrine structure

is also used to house ‘ the Divine Spirit.’


Example of a Christian Spirit House ( Tabernacle/Altar )

The Imagination is the faculty that bridges, co-presents and co-articulates ‘ the Visible and the Invisible.’

I invite you to extend Your Imagination to venture into the invisible world of animal and mythical creatures – The Wild Ones


Spirit House #1


Spirit House # 1         Mixed Media Painting   2′x 4′

Spirit House # 2

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Spirit House # 3         Mixed Media Painting   2′x 4′

Spirit House # 3

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Spirit House # 3 Mixed Media Painting 2′x 4′


My Studio in Aberdeen with Sleeping Spirits

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